My Kelly Deli blog is the first step towards my goal – opening The Kelly Deli (read more about The Kelly Deli in my first post).

I love a good deli. When walking into your local deli, your 5 senses are bombarded – in a good way! You smell an array of delicious scents – from home-cooked meals to pastries and coffee and even fresh flowers. You see a multitude of colours – think pretty pastels in the cold meat counter and the vibrant colours of the fresh fruit and veg. You hear the laughter of happy-chatty people and the sounds of the ‘busyness’ of the deli. Finally, touch and taste are gloriously intertwined once you’ve ordered your coffee and wrapped your hands around the warm, welcoming cup or when you feel the buttery flakiness of the croissant or bite into the warm, oozy stew – your taste buds light up. You are excited! Your deli experience is complete.

In the same sense, when perusing this site, your senses should be intrigued, excited and finally – INSPIRED!

Be inspired by the meals that I make and the places I go. Neither of which are pretentious; both of which are on budget.

Join me on my journey of finding heart-happy, pocket-friendly recipes to tweak and enjoy with your nearest and dearest. And, because you can’t ALWAYS cook and sometimes you just NEED to get out of the house, join me on my search of places to eat drink and be merry.

So, open that bottle of wine and put on a sexy apron – this is gonna get messy…