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"Food is the ingredient that binds us together."


I believe in the power of dreaming, whether that be to aid a good night’s sleep or to dream about your future, your desires.  I also believing in knowing the realities of your dreams, being aware of when you can do something about that dream and knowing that, that dream will always just be, a dream.

When I was younger, I dreamt of being a famous movie star.  I made many major life decisions based on that dream, on that ‘knowledge’ that I could, in fact be a famous movie star.  I didn’t listen to those who knew better, be it a teacher / parent / peer or just the obvious-in-my-face facts.  Finally, I grew up and started working towards achievable dreams – goals.

But, now I have a dream.  Now, I’m working towards my new achievable goal.  I want to change my profession.  I want food and cooking and writing about food to be my profession.  I am aware that this is no easy feat, that I will have to make major sacrifices, that my family will have to make sacrifices, but I know this is going to be worth it!  I just KNOW this is going to work.

When I think back about my dream of becoming a famous movie star, I know where I went wrong.  I now know why I would never have become a famous movie star – I didn’t actually put myself out there.  I had tons of self-confidence, but not the confidence to put myself out there.  How did I expect to become a famous movie star without joining a talent agency, going for auditions, joining campus radio and the list goes on… Did I really just expect to be spotted in a bank or eating a McDonald’s burger?  Looking back, I was too naive to ever make my dream a reality – I never made goals to achieve that dream.

At 35 (almost), I’m no longer naive.  I know that I need to have goals to achieve my dream and that I need to work hard to achieve this dream.  What are these goals, you may be wondering… Well, firstly I need to get this website up and running and loved.  I want you to come to this site when you need supper (family) or dinner (friends) inspiration.  Secondly, I want to sell delicious Kelly Deli Food at a market, more specifically, I see myself selling the signature dish – The Kelly Deli Belly at a market (you’ll have to join me in my quest to find the perfect Kelly Deli Belly).  This is my plan for next year and hopefully the interest gained from my stall, will give me enough confidence to open a business – a restaurant, The Kelly Deli.

I’m so excited for this journey.  I’m so ready for this journey.  I’m nervous AF! I know it’s going to be tough, but I truly believe that nothing worth having comes easily.  All things beautiful and meaningful take time and hard work.  In a previous post, I spoke about food becoming my great love affair, well great love affairs take effort too.  A good marriage works when you are both working on it.

I plan to work on my love affair with food and I want you to join me please.  Hold me to my promises. Celebrate my wins with me, but be gentle when I fail.  Know that I’ll get up again – I’m in it to win it, after all! Know that this will be a success, even if it takes years, I’m okay with that.

Hopefully my next post will be a recipe.  I’m making a Beef and Bean soup on this cold, rainy Sunday, let’s see if it’s post worthy…



Why Cooking?


Beef and Bean Soup


  1. Tamara

    Congrats Kelly! We will be there supporting you and Kelly Deli at every turn!

    • Kelly Fouche

      Thanks Tamara. I appreciate all the support you’ve already given. Here’s to new adventures!

  2. Jeanine van der Vyver

    Supporting you and your dream
    Also shared on my page for traction

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