The Kelly Deli

"Food is the ingredient that binds us together."

Beef Rendang Curry

My easy spicy version of this caramalised tender beef stew.

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Pulled Greek Leg o’ Lamb

A mouthwatering meal for a relaxed dinner party…

Serve with tzatziki, roasted eggplant and Greek salad and roasted hassleback potatoes.

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Marvelous Milo Muffins

A great substitute if you don’t have coco powder at home…

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Creamy Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

A healthy, creamy winter’s meal. Served with sweet potato mash.

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Beef and Bean Soup

A heart-warming soup to eat on a cold, rainy, winter’s day.

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I believe in the power of dreaming, whether that be to aid a good night’s sleep or to dream about your future, your desires.  I also believing in knowing the realities of your dreams, being aware of when you can do something about that dream and knowing that, that dream will always just be, a dream.

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Why Cooking?


I’ve always loved food. My mom has always been Masterchef amazing, so food was always a big deal in our house. All celebrations revolved around food and weekends and holidays and even being sick, were always about ‘Mommy’s Cooking’.

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