As a working mother who cooks on a budget, I strongly believe that planning is key. The day before the weekly grocery shop, I'll see what meat is in the freezer, what veg is in the fridge and what non-perishable items are in the cupboard. Then, I check the weather for the week as well as my husband and my schedules.  I'll then scour Pinterest for new recipes that don't entail my using too much money, time or pots (we're in a drought, after all). In a perfect world, everything works out perfectly and by Friday, our fridge is empty and my children have enough vegetables in them for the week.

So, 'What's Cooking?'. During the week, the aim is to create colourful plates of meat and three veg.  I like to do 'Meat-free Mondays' and we don't really do starch (unless it's a lazy 'Spaghetti-blow-your-nose'). I try to be as healthy as my budget will allow.  On weekends, I'm far more relaxed.  I don't stress about nutrition or cooking, unless I'm entertaining, in which case, I'm all about Dirty Deliciousness.

On this page, I aim to post my menu and the successful dishes of the week, as well as the Dirty Delicious meals I make for my friends.

Disclaimer:  I'm not a chef.  The food I cook are not Kelly Deli originals, instead they are mashups of recipes that I make work for myself, my family and my budget.

Please follow my posts to get inspiration for your next meal.