I’ve always loved food. My mom has always been Masterchef amazing, so food was always a big deal in our house. All celebrations revolved around food and weekends and holidays and even being sick, were always about ‘Mommy’s Cooking’. At varsity I was too busy partying and waitressing to worry too much about cooking. I got by with frozen veg and packet sauces – anything that didn’t take effort.

But, then I moved to Taiwan…

Suddenly ‘Mommy’s Cooking’ wasn’t readily available, nor was any of the Western food I started craving when I became homesick. As much as I loved Asian food, I found that I wasn’t prepared to eat it all the time and as my boyfriend became my husband and we started creating a home, we wanted what we knew home to be, and that was food. So, thanks to a patient mother and hour-long Skype calls coupled with the amazing Asian internet, I taught myself to cook and then fell head over heals in love with it.

Now, ‘What’s Cooking” is always on my mind. I’m always trying out new recipes and trying to find new, exciting ways to amp up the boring meat and three veg. As a mother, I’m very aware of what my children are eating. I try to make their diet as healthy as possible and to get as many vegetables in them as possible. In saying that, though, I feel very strongly that they must know what they are eating and that they appreciate what they are eating. I always aim for the vegetables to be just as prominent and interesting as the protein and I believe that this is why my boys are not fussy – or maybe I’m just lucky.

I also love entertaining. I love dreaming up the menu for lunches or dinners. I can spend hours on Pinterest finding the perfect recipes and then spending a few more hours mashing up those recipes into one, that is perfect for me. I love big, bold flavours. I love chilli and spices and I’m always looking to create umami with every bite. However, with my being self-taught, not everything I cook is great – for every delicious win, there are a few fails, but that’s the beauty of this great love affair. We’re in this for the long haul, we stumble and fix it and then – create something awesome.

Cooking and food has become a big part of my life.  It’s my zen space.  Sure, my body would look better if my zen space were gym, but I’m making peace with that not being my thing.  Instead, I’m making my zen space bigger.  Today, it’s my website, tomorrow it’ll be a market stall and soon it’ll be my restaurant.

So, ‘Why Not Cooking?’